IT Service Management (ITSM)

Certified specialists of  SmartServiceDesk are ready to render a complex of services on automation of IT service management processes for your company based on up-to-date methodological recommendations of ITSM/ITIL, COBIT, Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and international standards (ISO/IEC 20000). Furthermore, solutions we provide allow you to automatize any service processes, including those non-related to IT sphere.
Provided solutions are based on LANDESK Service Desk (certified by Pink Elephant (c) analytics company for compliance with all 15 ITIL 2011 processes), LANDESK Management Suite, LANDESK Asset Central, LANDESK Data Analytics, Solar Winds Orion software products, as well as Microsoft and Oracle system software. IT service management processes with highest demand from our customers include:
Управление Каталогом услуг

Service Catalog/Service Portfolio Management

Are you a representative of a service company and experiencing difficulties with devising a correct description for your services and making them appealing to your customers? Which services should be rendered to customers now, and which should be put on hold and rendered when the time is right in order to stay ahead of your competitors? Are you rendering IT services to internal departments of your company and must standardize a set of hardware and software users can request from the IT service?

Управление уровнем услуг

Service Quality Management

Are your customers/users always unsatisfied with the quality of your work, while your specialists are overburdened with tasks and fail to perform their duties in due time?  Users’ «appetites» are growing, and they are demanding «immediate» performance of works, while in practice everything proceeds «too long»? Do your contractors constantly let you down? Are your specialists of different departments giving the runaround to users’ problems and, as a result, it is impossible to pick out the one responsible for bad work performance?

Управление инцидентами

Incident Management

Your users do not know whom to contact for technical support and call specialists directly, who, in turn, lose important requests due to various reasons? Do your IT specialists often solve difficult problems, which are unimportant for your business, while serious problems remain unsolved and cause damage to the company? Users are forced to inquire about the current state of their problems and often directly contact specialists or IT managers? Users are unsatisfied while IT managers can not clearly tell what IT specialists are engaged in?

Управление проблемами

Problem Management

Does your organization often have repeating incidents? Is there a lack of understanding who is responsible for eliminating sources of failures, and everyone is engaged in «fire-fighting»? Does the company’s business suffer from this situation?

Управление знаниями

Knowledge Management

Have you ever thought on how much of your IT specialists’ work time is lost in vain due to the same problem being solved more than once by different IT specialists? Why is it, that, despite the efforts of the Company’s management, and even while having sufficient technical means for maintaining a knowledge base, your specialists do not share information, do not write articles for the knowledge base and are not concerned about increasing teamwork efficiency?

Управление изменениями

Change Management

How often do unauthorized changes, introduced by your company’s IT specialists into information systems, lead to problems for the company’s business? Do specialists from different departments responsible for functioning of the information system have up-to-date information on which changes had been performed into the system, especially if the system has started to work incorrectly and the problem must be solved ASAP?

Управление конфигурациями

Configuration Management

How much time will it take for your IT specialists to predict possible consequences of the planned changes of an IT infrastructure object (configuration element) for other configuration elements and services, rendered to business users? Do your IT specialists have access to up-to-date information for analysis of consequences of incidents and problems through chains of influence of IT infrastructure objects on each other?

Управление ИТ активами

IT Asset Management (based on ITSM)

Do you know which IT assets does your company own? How promptly can you get information on attachment of an IT asset to a responsible person? How efficiently are your IT assets used? How well do your suppliers work?

Управление запросами

Request Management

Has there been a unified user request portal implemented in your company for all issues related to IT — from incident resolving to consultation or IT asset provision? Are processes of approve and fulfillment of such requests optimal? How satisfied are users with interfaces of the request registration system? Is this system integrated with subsystems of incident, problem, change, configuration and asset management in order to decrease time of request processing and IT specialists’ workload?

Управление событиями

Event Management

How quickly will proper IT specialists, responsible for certain IT infrastructure objects, be notified in case if any qualitative parameters of services the object provides will exceed acceptable limits? Will a predetermined process be initiated in this case, with automatic assignment of responsible person and control of work performance? Will measures taken allow preventing or minimizing negative effects of the event on your company’s business? How many resources of your company’s specialists does proactive IT management take? Are these costs justified?

In addition to processes listed above, we are willing to render consulting services and services on automation of processes, such as: finance management in the IT sphere, capacity management, availability and continuity management, security management, etc. We are also willing to implement a complex of KPIs for assessment of quality of processes and to provide visualization means for values of these parameters both in real time on your ITSM portal, as well as in the form of statistical reports compiled on request or according to schedule.  The scope of work on automation of IT service management, performed by our company, includes: audit of the Customer’s processes, inspection of processes with «as is» description, development of process models on the Customer’s request with «as should be» description,  development of a set of production documents for a process automation project,  supply and implementation of an  IT service management process automation system, implementing of the system according to the Customer’s requirements, consultation services, integration works, development of a complex of technical documents for the implemented system, development of a set of regulations and policies according to requirements of the Client’s quality management system.

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