IT Infrastructure Management and Monitoring


Reliable IT infrastructure guarantees high quality of IT services for your business users.
Use of advanced systems management solution will ensure you always have answers to questions: «What do we own?», «Where is it located?», «How is it used?»
These issues are particularly critical with respect to software license. Accurate information regarding installed software and usage statistics will not only allow compliance with existing licenses, but also ensure substantially save funds by uninstalling software from workstations not using it.
SmartServiceDesk specialists have comprehensive experience in implementing system management at large-scale distributed digital infrastructures, including dozens of thousands of computers and mobile devices, located in hundreds subnetworks throughout the globe, as well as those outside of corporate networks and controlled via Internet.
Our experts will help you choose the best IT infrastructure management and monitoring solutions, and will quickly implement them according to your requirements.
Инвентаризация и аудит цифровых инфраструктур

Inventory and digital infrastructures auditing

You will get accurate, complete and relevant information on hardware and software assets constituting your digital infrastructure.

Слияние и объединение цифровых инфраструктур

Merging and integration of digital infrastructures

When merging digital infrastructures of two large companies, one must consider a number of nuances and pitfalls. Entrust the complex of tasks on integration of digital infrastructures to the SmartServiceDesk experienced team.

Управление компьютерным парком

System Management

Automation of functional tasks on system management of your endpoint devices (computers, servers, mobile devices), such as remote desktop connection, HW and SW inventory, SW usage metering, application and OS deployment and user migration.

Защита компьютерного парка

Endpoint protection

Increased security of user devices with effective vulnerability detection, installation of patches and service packages, control of ports and external devices, control of antiviral software operation.

Мониторинг функционирования цифровой инфраструктуры

Monitoring of digital infrastructure

Monitoring of IT infrastructure will help to swiftly react on problematic situations or, ideally, to prevent them and minimize their negative effect on work of end users. Modern day concept of IT infrastructure monitoring includes both control of operation of separate components, such as active network equipment, computers, servers, data storages, printers etc., as well as detection of even the slightest problems with business applications performance.

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