IT Asset Management

IT asset management is one of the strategic components of IT management.

IT assets are a set of tangible (computer and network equipment) and intangible (software and licenses) assets owned by a company.

Global IT asset management practices have been codified by the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM Inc) and published as the IBPL (IAITAM Best Practice Library).

According to the IBPL definition, IT asset is a real property item.

IT asset is one of the organization’s resources and, alongside with other resources (personnel with its skills and experience, time, finances, external services, etc.), it provides a possibility to render IT services to users.

IBPL describes 12 process areas of IT asset management:

Implementation of the IT asset management program will allow you track IT assets during their whole life cycle — from demand to retire and disposal.

We will help you assess the current state of ITAM processes in your organization, create a roadmap of their development, including specific achievements and business effects of each stage, plan life cycles of your IT assets, develop IT asset management processes adapted to your needs, and implement the best instruments and systems of ITAM automation, integrated with your existing solutions and providing the highest level of automation of processes and operations.

In our ITAM implementation and automation projects we are guided by IBPL practices through adapting them to our customer realities.

When implementing software asset management (SAM) practices, ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard that defines 4 tiers of SAM processes, serves as a methodological basis.

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