Key fields of expertise of SmartServiceDesk include:

Ivanti ( ex. LANDESK) Platinum Certified Expert Solution Provider >> Solutions Based on Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Software Products:

  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Management Suite(LDMS)– a complex end-point inventory and system management solution
  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Security Suite (LDSS)– a complex end-point security system
  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Asset Central(LDAC)– a complex IT asset management process automation system based on ITAM methodology by IAITAM.
  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Service Desk (LDSD)– a complex IT service management process automation  system based on ITILv 2011 and KCS  methodology  See more>>
  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Data Analytics (LDDA) – a data integration/analysis subsystem
  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Mobility Manager – a mobile device management subsystem
  • Ivanti (ex. LANDESK) Process Manager (LPM)– a complex platform for integration of LANDESK solutions with external systems

Solutions Based on Microsoft Software Products:

  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server — a basic operating system for implementation of provided solutions
  • Microsoft SQL Server — a basic DBMS for implementation of provided solutions
  • Microsoft SCCM – a complex inventory auditing/PC and server stock management system
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server – solutions for automation of group work, portal-frame solutions
  • Microsoft Exchange Server – a corporate email system
  • Microsoft Office – office activity automation solutions

Solutions Based on Novell Software Products:

  • NovellZenWorks – a complex inventory auditing/PC and server stock management system
  • SUSE Linux – a supported operating system

Solutions Based on Oracle:

Oracle – basic DBMS for implementation of solutions for large corporate Customers


Solutions Based on SolarWinds Orion Software Products:

  • SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor – a network and active network equipment monitoring system
  • SolarWinds Orion Application Performance Monitor – a network applications monitoring system

Solutions Based on SAP Software Products:

SAP Crystall Reports – a report generator